Pre-Operative Instructions for IV Surgery

The surgery that you are to undergo will require the administration of anesthetic drugs in the form of sedatives and hypnotics given by intravenous injection. These drugs will be given by the anesthetist before the injection of the local anesthetic by your surgeon and continue to be given during your surgery. This is to provide a relaxed and comfortable operative period with the minimal amount of discomfort. To achieve this, it is imperative that you follow all pre-operative instructions (below).

For the day of your surgery:

1. If you take regular medication in the morning, take that medication with a small sip of water to swallow your tablets. Besides, that small sip of water to swallow your tablets, you should not take anything by mouth 8 hours prior to the appointment. This applies to all solids and liquids including water. It is also important that you NOT chew gum or suck candy as this produces stomach acidity.
2. Make-up and nail polish should be removed. If you wear contact lenses, please leave them out or have solution/case with you to remove them prior to surgery.
3. Wear loose, comfortable clothing. Be sure that your sleeves allow access to your arm where an intravenous injection is usually given. Wear comfortable shoes (no high heels).
4. You will need someone to take you home. You should not drive for 18 hours following your sedation. Taxi drivers will NOT take the responsibility for escorting patient’s home. If this is your method of transportation, please ensure that you have a personal escort to ride with you in the vehicle. YOUR ESCORT SHOULD BE PREPARED TO CARE FOR YOU WHILE THE SEDATIVE EFFECT WEARS OFF (usually 12-24 hours).
5. Do not drink any alcoholic beverages for 18 hours following your sedation.

Your anesthetist may contact you by telephone within the week prior to your scheduled surgery. At that time, your medical history will be reviewed, any questions you may have will be answered, and the plan regarding your anesthetic will be explained to you.